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Training Solutions

We understand that training your dog may seem challenging, however we offer effective training with simple solutions to make sure that you achieve your desired outcome. Our trainers will develop a healthy bond between owner and dog which will ensure that your training is deeply embedded and truly effective. We offer solutions for Dog Obedience, Behaviour and Personal  or Family Dog Protection training. Our Dog Behaviorist offer excellent puppy training too.  

Choose from pay as you go sessions or for regular weekly sessions a pre-paid block. See more about our dog training, what we offer and what will best suit you and your dogs need.

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K9 Solutions 

Dog Obedience

On Leash

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Heel Work (Side Walking)

  • Recall

Off Leash

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Heel Work (Side Walking)

  • Recall

Off leash work is consider more advance and will require frequent sessions for better results​

Behaviour Problems

  • Excessive barking

  • Aggression towards people & dogs

  • Anxiety

  • Destructiveness  

  • Lead pulling 

  • Not Listening

  and more

Our Dog trainers have over 15 years experience in dog training and dog behaviour correction, they truly are dog whisperers. From the initial assessment the trainer will be able to gather an understand as to your dogs behaviour and reasoning for it and offer a solution 

Dog Protection

Our dog trainers are specially trained in producing some of the best protection guard dogs and have competed in the IPO Word Championships and have ranked highly. We can produce highly obedient and friendly guards dog, and will train for on leash scenarios and for more advance sessions off leash scenario training can cover:

  • Switch on / off (bark on command)

  • Attack on command

  • Out on command

  • Grip Work

  • Building confidence

 Your Route
What's Included

Initial Assessment

You will have to attend an initial assessment from this we can understand your experience with training, your needs and the ability of your dog to be trained. Your Dogs ability will determine the speed and the amount of time to be spent training.

How ever training is not dependent upon the dog but also the owner. We hill help you as a dog owner follow the correct procedure and skills needed to continue  your training

Your Sessions

In this we will continue to work with you and your dog and to advise you about on what to do when you are not here. This route may take longer if your training sessions aren’t as frequent and could run the risk of developing poor habits or your pet forgetting previous training which could deem the training less effective. However great results can still be achieved if you follow the techniques given.


Home-work shall be a critical part of your 1-2-1 training and plays a vital role in embedding your beloved pet's training. We advise all customers that they must be committed to their home-work. When followed correctly the most outstanding levels be achieved. Do not worry if you have any question with your homework, our friendly trainers, are standing by to advise yourself or answer any question regarding what to do at home 


As you progress in training you will begin to see clear and rewarding results. With over 15 years of experience and over 700 happy dogs and customers, we are sure that you have found the correct K9 solution. Why wait any longer? Start your training today and see changes tomorrow. Join our happy customers and train with the best.  You will be glad that you have. 

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all 1-2-1 training must be paid in advance. 

For those wishing to receive a reduced fee, we suggest proceeding with our 8 1-2-1 sessions.

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if you would like to book your training feel free to contact us on 07492 85 90 91  

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4 Sessions 90-120 minutes           £450

8 Sessions 90-120 minutes           £800